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Tue Mar 27 01:15:03 EDT 2007

Spoiler space

Anybody else get the impression that the twins and Yaga had all been working 
together on the whole project? Including inserting her into Atlas's household 
to case the joint and get the lie of the land. 

Might have been interesting if the Pythoness had made an appearance as well. 
It was her prophecy which set Jolyon off as regards Hayley, made him disrupt 
the whole family, and set up the whole opportunity. One wonders whether that 
may have been a part of the plot. It's a bit far-fetched, but not more than some 
other plots that have been uncovered in Jones's stories.

I'd have thought of Ahura Mazda for the brother who stood in the sun, but 
that's from Zroasterism I think and that dichomy is good/evil, not just 

Although I'll have to admit that having met Leon Garfield's Autolycus and 
Syssiphus first, these were a bit of a jolt.

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