[DWJ] Not Got The Game Yet *sobs*!

Celestia Godbehere ayewards at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Mar 26 13:18:47 EDT 2007

Yup, Celestia has always been my name, and it's quite horrible to live with 
as it refuses to be shortened properly. It has given me lots of sympathy for 
anyone with similarly creative parents (poor Maree Mallory), but it's better 
than Guillaumette, which is what my parents nearly called me.
Thanks to everyone who posted with help on how to get The Game,


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>Subject: RE: [DWJ] Got The Game!
>Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 18:02:55 -0000
>Celestia wrote:
> > I had the same problem with all my local bookshops, and was quite
> > disgusted with Waterstones for only having a lonely copy of The Merlin
> > Conspiracy. They also hadn't heard of The Game, but I'm not really
> > surprised as when I looked on their website they didn't even have a
> > picture of the cover.
> > Crack in time theory probably correct.
>I'm having similar luck (or do I mean lack?).  My local bookshop, after
>I gave them the ISBN someone so kindly posted here, said that none of
>their wholesalers had heard of it, and even penguin didn't recognise it.
>Chris (the proprietor) said that 0142... looks like a Penguin US ISBN;
>their British editions usually have numbers in 0140...
>I see from other posts that Forbidden Planet have it.  I have no idea
>where my nearest FP might be, but I'm in London next Thursday, and I'll
>have a look.  They're not a bad shop for US books, anyway.
> > Have been a lurker up till now, so hello everybody!
> >
> > Celestia
> > Torquay, UK
>(rather belatedly) Hello Celestia!  I like your name.  Is it a name
>you've always had, or did you acquire it later in life?  And in the West
>Country, too!  I'm from Somerset, but exiled to Leicestershire at the
>moment, and constantly homesick.
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