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R.Macrae-Gibson at lse.ac.uk R.Macrae-Gibson at lse.ac.uk
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Maybe I will have to try Forbidden Planet.
I did another trawl of Charing Cross shops-Foyles, Borders,
Blackwells-yesterday lunchtime-to no avail.
Some of these shops have a very curious definition of new books-older
titles and any H Potter.

I could of course order from Amazon, but aside from the fact that
bookshop browsing is a great joy, collecting parcels from my local PO
depot on a Saturday morning is like entering a Circle of Hell.


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> Has anyone actually seen a copy of this in a UK bookshop? I have
> various branches of Waterstones, Books Etc, Blackstones & British
> Bookshops/Sussex Stationers to no avail, despite looking in Childrens
> SF sections and checking under both J and W (some people just can't
> with compound names).
> If anyone has seen a copy can you post details of where it was
> I've had no trouble finding the last few books so am wondering if this
> one has slipped through a crack in time.
I got it in Forbidden Planet in Shaftesbury Avenue. It was in the New

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