[DWJ] Got The Game!

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I had the same problem with all my local bookshops, and was quite disgusted 
with Waterstones for only having a lonely copy of The Merlin Conspiracy. 
They also hadn't heard of The Game, but I'm not really surprised as when I 
looked on their website they didn't even have a picture of the cover.  Crack 
in time theory probably correct.

Have been a lurker up till now, so hello everybody!

Torquay, UK

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>Has anyone actually seen a copy of this in a UK bookshop? I have checked
>various branches of Waterstones, Books Etc, Blackstones & British
>Bookshops/Sussex Stationers to no avail, despite looking in Childrens &
>SF sections and checking under both J and W (some people just can't cope
>with compound names).
>If anyone has seen a copy can you post details of where it was lurking?
>I've had no trouble finding the last few books so am wondering if this
>one has slipped through a crack in time.
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>Juliette Curtis wrote:
> > I ordered it from Amazon.co.uk on Saturday. It arrived yesterday in
> > Western Australia, so that was very fast shipping.
>So it really does exist? Like Philip, I've had trouble tracking down a
>copy. Oxford's Waterstones initially tried to sell me a copy of Tim
>Wynne-Jones's Survival Game, then couldn't spell Wynne, then found no
>mention of the DWJ book on any of their computer systems. Borders said
>it would take about two months to get it from the USA, and I should try
>Amazon. Blackwells had a very good assistant who not only had heard of
>DWJ but could spell her name, knew what sort of books she writes, and
>which publisher has been usual in recent years, but found that their
>computer systems showed The Game wouldn't be published until November.
>And Oxford's supposed to be good for bookshops!
>Given how DWJ things can come true, there isn't anything in The Game
>about books mysteriously not existing, or publishing time warps, is
>(I guess I'll order it from Amazon.co.uk after all...)
>Oxford, UK
>(delurking briefly)
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