[DWJ] Got The Game!

R.Macrae-Gibson at lse.ac.uk R.Macrae-Gibson at lse.ac.uk
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Has anyone actually seen a copy of this in a UK bookshop? I have checked
various branches of Waterstones, Books Etc, Blackstones & British
Bookshops/Sussex Stationers to no avail, despite looking in Childrens &
SF sections and checking under both J and W (some people just can't cope
with compound names).
If anyone has seen a copy can you post details of where it was lurking?
I've had no trouble finding the last few books so am wondering if this
one has slipped through a crack in time.



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Juliette Curtis wrote:
> I ordered it from Amazon.co.uk on Saturday. It arrived yesterday in
> Western Australia, so that was very fast shipping.

So it really does exist? Like Philip, I've had trouble tracking down a 
copy. Oxford's Waterstones initially tried to sell me a copy of Tim 
Wynne-Jones's Survival Game, then couldn't spell Wynne, then found no 
mention of the DWJ book on any of their computer systems. Borders said 
it would take about two months to get it from the USA, and I should try 
Amazon. Blackwells had a very good assistant who not only had heard of 
DWJ but could spell her name, knew what sort of books she writes, and 
which publisher has been usual in recent years, but found that their 
computer systems showed The Game wouldn't be published until November. 
And Oxford's supposed to be good for bookshops!

Given how DWJ things can come true, there isn't anything in The Game 
about books mysteriously not existing, or publishing time warps, is

(I guess I'll order it from Amazon.co.uk after all...)

Oxford, UK
(delurking briefly)

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