[DWJ] Duplicate books

Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 15 07:53:58 EDT 2007

I had quite a silly number of double copies of things, once I got all my 
books out of boxes. Many have already found good homes, but does anybody in 
the UK/Ireland want these? Email me, first come first served.
Rosemary Edghill, The Sword of Maidens' Tears (first in a series that was 
never finished. An elf lord is pulled to New York in search of a sword that 
turns any mortal wielder into a monster; some student librarians are drawn 
into the quest.)
Annie Dalton- Out of the Ordinary (teenager needs all the magic in her bones 
as she tries to protect her foster brother from his family's enemy. With 
amusing description of a school trip to an Industrial Museum.)
Megan Whalen Turner- The Queen of Attolia (see list discussions passim.)
Laurie King- The Game (Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell search for a missing 
British agent in India,  Kimball O'Hara.)

I'm having a brilliant time rereading things that have been packed up for 
years. Currently on The Goblet of Fire and The Marvellous Land of Oz. 
Possibly Elizabeth Enright's Saturdays series next... ooh, choices.

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