[DWJ] Who has excellent book-buying connections?

jack at greenmanreview.com jack at greenmanreview.com
Mon Mar 12 06:40:24 EDT 2007

> I have this friend who is a big fan of Kage Baker's Company series.  I would
> love to get him the novella _Rude Mechanicals_ (from Subterranean Press) for
> his birthday because I know he won't be able to get it for himself.  The
> problem is that his birthday is April 8 (same as my husband's,
> coincidentally) and the release date is April 25.  I know, I could give up
> and get something else, but then I thought maybe someone here could help me
> get a copy a few weeks early.

Subterranean Press rarely, if ever, actually publsihes *anything* on the stated release date so
I doubt the Rude Mechanicals will actually be available much before late May. 

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