[DWJ] Who has excellent book-buying connections?

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Mon Mar 12 01:37:52 EDT 2007

I have this friend who is a big fan of Kage Baker's Company series.  I would
love to get him the novella _Rude Mechanicals_ (from Subterranean Press) for
his birthday because I know he won't be able to get it for himself.  The
problem is that his birthday is April 8 (same as my husband's,
coincidentally) and the release date is April 25.  I know, I could give up
and get something else, but then I thought maybe someone here could help me
get a copy a few weeks early.

Just to tug at your heartstrings a little, let me tell you about this
friend: He is currently going through a messy divorce in which his wife, who
is slightly unhinged (I think), is making his life hell because she thinks
his interest in fantasy books and role-playing games is Evil, and that
everyone in our gaming group is Evil by extension.  Fortunately the justice
system does not agree with her.  Anyway, the key point here is that before
the situation got as far as divorce, my friend got rid of almost every
fantasy book he owned in an effort to make things right with her.  He is one
of the best and kindest men I know, and I feel strongly about making sure
his library gets rebuilt.  So our gaming group is gathering a lot of books
for the day when the divorce is finalized--mostly used copies, but for
birthdays I think it's nicer to give brand new books.

So I really hope this isn't a crazy beyond-hope idea.

Melissa Proffitt

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