[DWJ] Kennen Sie yaba? (was: i will fade into the background now)

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Thu Jun 28 08:16:26 EDT 2007

> The contractions.  I was surprised to find that S and n8 were missing. 
> I'm sure our tutor mentioned S, maybe I just made up n8.  Here is the list in
> all its cross-lingual glory:
> 2b = sein (to be)
> b4 = bevor (before)
> 2day = heute
> tnx = danke
> bb = bis bald
> mtfbwy = Möge die Kraft mit Dir sein (may the Force be with you.) [*]
> KoZ = Kopf oder Zahl
> hdl = Hab Dich lieb
> nu = ich brauch Dich (need you)
> o4u = nur für Dich (only for you)
> w4u = Ich warte auf Dich (waiting for you)
> lol = laut lachen
> cu = Wir sehen uns
> cul8r = Wir sehen uns später
> anw = Auf Nimmerwiedersehen!
> bm = blödmann
> gzT = Geh zum Teufel!
> ltab = Lieber tot als blöd!
> t+ Denk Positiv!
Interesting. I know some (most of the English and only few of the German, btw) and I can't really tell if the German ones (anw? bm? - I wouldn't have understood) would be commonly recognzied. "hdl" surely, also common are lg (lieber gruß), glg (ganz lieber gruß) mfg (mit freundl. grüßen)...

I like ltab, although I would not have known what it means. Reminds me of something we said at school: dbddhkp!  (doof bleibt doof da helfen keine pillen - stupid remains stupid, pills won't help there)



PS: The "force" is the "Macht" in the German dubbing, and maybe the "möge" is added for rhythm.

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