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into the background now

> Deborah wondered:
> > Are there many non-English root words in the various Internet-ese
> > languages? 


and Philip replied:

> I think you have to look at non-English-speaking communities to observe
> this.  I saw an article recently about the abbreviated forms of language
> used in mobile phone text messages.  This article was in German
> (reprinted in a teaching magazine), and dealt with the forms in use
> among German speakers.  Alongside the obvious German words (S = es, n8 =
> nacht, und so weiter) were many forms that are familiar English
> contractions, which seem to have been adopted by the Germans.  I would
> guess that German-language internet chat rooms use a similar mixture,
> but I'm not sure of a mechanism for this to propagate into
> English-speaking internet use.

The article sounds interesting. Could you tell me where to find it? What contractions? (I have to confess that I'm feel pretty old when I get txt messages from people only a few years younger than I and have to guess what they want to say... n8 is funny, because I read that as night at first... all concentrated on deciphering stuff, you know)

As for the rest, I'm pretty tired and probably just don't get it, but I think what I guess when you see German communities picking up English internet lingo, it's probably because of the influence of the English language which doesn't run the other way (apart from the ever favorite angst...).  And because so much of the net is English, I'd assume many German internet users would learn English "expressions" there and use them in German forums, too. (The German word for link is link btw, and homepage means homepage :-) And lol is so common that I would assume that it's used and understood there, too. It's all a bit theoretical, because I am in no German forum or list. So actually, I don't know. But now I'm interested, and shall try to take a look.


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