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The old German translation a read was called "Die Kraft der Mandola", which would meand "The power of the Mandolin" (mandola apparently being a rare word for a tenor mandolin, and a mandonlin was what I imangined. 

The new translation is btw called "Die Spielleute von Dalemark". I can't properly translate Spielleute, my dictionary indicates wandring players/musicians...


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> Beth wondered
> >i started cart and cwidder and i'm going to like it. i'm wondering if a
> >cwidder is like a harp?
> Textual evidence within the first chapter suggests that it has strings and
> an 'arm' up and down which one slides the fingers of one's left hand
> whilst
> strumming on the strings with one's right hand, and in the second chapter
> that it has a round belly and a flat front, so I think a lute is as near
> as
> need be.
> A harp wouldn't have the round belly that looked like Clennan's.  :-)
> Minnow
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