[DWJ] cwidders

Susanna Victoria dragonflygreen11 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 25 15:36:02 EDT 2007

Beth Reed wrote:

>i started cart and cwidder and i'm going to like it. i'm wondering if a cwidder is like a harp?

I'm glad you decided to come back, Beth!  We want you here and posting!  From the descriptions, as well the image on the cover of my version of "Cart & Cwidder" (since we all know that covers are reliable guides to the contents of books), it always sounded to me like a cwidder very much resembled a lute, with a long fretted neck and a round belly.  

Is this your first of the Dalemark books?  You're in for a treat with the whole series, in my opinion!  My fave is Spellcoats.

Let the heart complete the pattern.

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