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Mon Jun 25 12:33:10 EDT 2007

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Otter Perry wrote:

> Um ....
> <tentatively raising paw>
> What is KTHXBAI?  and NOOBs?

KTHXBAI = "Okay, thanks, bye" and is a (usually rude) way of
saying "I'm done now" or "Go away".

N00Bs originally meant "Newbies" among that particular group of
people for whom "newbie" is an insult instead of a description of
the length of time since someone joined an organization.  From
there it was shortened to "noobs" which is now just a general

This actually give me the oppourtunity to ask this list something
that been wondering about for a little while, because you folks
are a much more international group than the readers of my

Are there many non-English root words in the various Internet-ese
languages? People have been calling it a pidgin, but I'm not sure
if it counts as a true pidgin with only one root language
(although I think we are very close to having native speakers). I
know that there are Japanese root words in some of the dialects
of Internet-language (otaku, otakin, chan, yaoi etc are term that
traveled from Japanese to fan English, and thence to the fan
corner of Internet English; and I assume there are also many
Japanese words in the Internet chat-speak used in the gaming

Goodness (she said, trying desperately to be on topic), what
would Quentin make of all of this lingo? Actually, for that
matter, in DWJ books in general, precise language creates power.
I wonder what it means, looked at that way, when a strange new
dialect arises vaguely organically. (Although it's not a dialect
that allows for too much precision except in ways of insulting

I never metadiscourse I didn't like.

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