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Mon Jun 25 11:05:39 EDT 2007

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Phil Boswell wrote:
> As we on Wikipedia say: "don't stuff beans up your nose!"[1]... You do
> realise that entire teams of mad macroists are now frantically working
> on translating the entire DWJ corpus into LOLCAT as we type? and it's
> ALL YOUR FAULT !!11!one (OK, so maybe not all, but quite a lot ;-)

I actually thought of that right after I posted, and then decided
I would leave it to others to fill the gap. Although now you have
it stuck in my head...

Charmed Life:
Chrestomanci: I wan ur magic kid to be livin with me.
Frank: No wai!
Chrestomanci: Wai!
Frank: No wai!
Chrestomanci: OMGWTFBBQ you n00b!
(Frank and Caroline die.)
Chrestomanci: U will come be living with me!
Cat: Look! I has a kitteh!
Fiddle: I fail to understand why I am in this unpleasant place
being manhandled.
Gwendolyn: I'm in ur magic, stealin ur lives.
Cat: Oh noes!
Janet: WTF!
Gwendolyn: LOL.
Janet: Is it can it be goin home tiem now?
Gwendolen: No wai! I has sum magic matches!
(Invisible Gwendolyn)
Cat: Halp! I needs sum halp! Plz!
Fiddle: Oh fine, if you must.
Janet: I helps you, Kitteh my friend.
Gwendolyn: OH NOES!
Chrestomanci: Awesum, Kitteh!

Always remember to demand more of yourself than anyone else.  Otherwise you
become merely a tiresome rebellious young girl who wants that the whole
world should change to suit her whim.  The world is full of such as these;
most of them grow up at last, but they are not particularly admirable,
enfin.  They are against everything, for nothing. -- _Jade_

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