[DWJ] Introductions

Colin Fine colin at kindness.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 21 18:05:38 EDT 2007

Paul Andinach wrote:
> Been a while since I got around to doing one of these.
> My name's Paul, I'm 27 this year, and I live in Kalgoorlie, Western 
> Australia. I've been a DWJ reader since primary school (I'm fairly 
> sure that the first DWJ I read was 'The  Magicians of Caprona', but it 
> was all so long ago...) and first joined this list when I was in uni.
> When I last did an Introduction here, I was living in a caravan in my 
> parents' backyard, which had a skylight that leaked when it rained.
> Nowadays I live on my own in a flat... which has a skylight that leaks 
> when it rains (but at least this one's in the bathroom, where it 
> doesn't matter so much).
> Still working as a web site developer. Still playing trombone in the 
> brass band. Still playing the organ at church once a week. Still 
> listening to a lot of radio, and not watching a lot of television.
> In fact, I don't *have* a television since I moved, and don't miss it. 
> (Although I do have a portable DVD player, and a standing invitation 
> from my parents to come and visit whenever Doctor Who is on.)
> I've been getting back into theatre this year. Right now, I'm hip-deep 
> in rehearsals for 'The Crucible' (my first dramatic role!), and I've 
> been holding off with this introduction until I could say whether I'd 
> been offered a principal role in an upcoming production of 'Annie'; 
> answer: no, but considering the state of my schedule at the moment, 
> that's probably just as well.
Now, there's a man after my own heart. I couldn't describe myself as a 
web site *designer* because I have diddly squat design sense, but 
*developer*, yes, that's what I do. No television, check. Play music 
(accordian, piano and just had my second lesson on the bassoon, but... 
). And lots of theatre.
I've never seen Annie, but I've never met anybody who performed it 
because they wanted to do it: societies seem to put it on because it's a 
sure-fire money-spinner.


> Paul

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