[DWJ] Changeover (was re: Introduction)

Belben, Philip (Energy Wholesale) Philip.Belben at eon-uk.com
Thu Jun 21 13:01:10 EDT 2007

Roger suggested:

> Now there's a graffito which needs to be scrawled on some walls in
> London!
> "Who is Mark Changeover?"

I don't know whether I've said this on the list before or not, but here

The only "where were you?" event for which I can actually remember where
I was was the attack on the World Trade Centre, sorry, Center in 2001.
We were on holiday in Cornwall.  (At the moment of the attack I think I
was eating a picnic lunch at Pendennis Castle.)

That day my mother had left her glasses at one of the places we visited,
so in the afternoon my parents frantically phoned around, and in the
evening Papa went out in the car to retrieve them.  Alone in the car, he
turned on the radio, and heard the news.  So we watched it all on the
telly in the holiday cottage.  (IIRC, the only occasion we've ever
watched the telly on one of our family holidays!)

The next day we went into Truro, shopping.  So of course what was going
round and round in my head?

"They've got headaches down at Admin Bureau
Changeover's going to blow up Truro!"

"Changeover" may not be among DWJ's best-written books, but boy, does it
have some great one-liners!

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