[DWJ] Introductions

Juliette Curtis jcurtis at harvestroad.com
Wed Jun 20 22:26:07 EDT 2007

Juliette Curtis, age 38, living in Perth, Western Australia. Working as a
technical writer for a company that makes software for delivering education
through the internet.

My first DWJ was the Ogre Downstairs. I bought it secondhand when I was
about 10 from the Red Cross Secondhand Bookshop - my all-time favourite
bookshop, now closed, alas. Next DWJ was Charmed Life.

Current fave DWJs are Deep Secret, Fire and Hemlock, Witchwood. Least
favourite: Dogsbody.

Other favourite authors: Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, Connie Willis,
Robert Heinlein, Laurie R. King, Dorothy L. Sayers, and several thousand

Other obsessions: sewing, aviation. 

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