[DWJ] Introduction

Colin Fine colin at kindness.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 20 19:29:11 EDT 2007

Irina Rempt wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 June 2007, devra at aol.com wrote:
>> And my friend Mary must be a super chromat, since she is the only person
>> I've ever heard of who can match fabric or thread colors without holding a
>> sample in her hand... she just remembers it.
> So can I. I do usually take samples anyway, especially because there's usually 
> no exact match and I can't "play it by eye" to see what not-quite-matching 
> shade goes best with it.
>    Irina 
Whereas I, (a mere male) can't remember colours from one moment to the 
next. When I was at college, one day one of my friends told me what 
colour the walls of my room were, and I went and looked, and she was 
right. (All right, this one is about noticing, not remembering. But I'm 
not good at remembering them either).
However, I had the same experience as Minnow, of lying in bed being ill 
and discovering that things looked different colours from my two eyes.


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