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Jane said...

> I'm 45 and live near Wimbledon, London (home of the Wombles - not only can 
> I
> still remember them, but I can still play the tune on the recorder).

My brother has the tune as his mobile phone ringtone!

> Authors found or read because of this list: Neil Gaiman, Lois McMaster
> Bujold, Clive Barker (horror gives me nightmares, but since no-one told me
> that Neil Gaiman was a horror writer and didn't give me nightmares, I'm
> slowly trying a few more), Robin McKinley, Jonathan Stroud, Garth Nix.

Another horror author worth trying (if you can find any of his books) is Kim 
Newman.  "Anno Dracula" is a wonderful what-if story - what if Dracula 
wasn't killed as in Stoker's novel, but survived and married Queen Victoria? 
The story revolves around the Jack the Ripper mystery, and just about every 
famous (or infamous) person of the period (fictional and historical) is at 
least mentioned in passing.  I love that book, and I'm still trying to 
replace the copy that I lent to someone I then lost touch with.  (She also 
has my copy of "A Sudden Wild Magic", but I have her copies of the second 
two books of "The Deed of Paksenarrion".  I think she got the better deal, 
at least in terms of ease of replacement of lost books.)

Also, I make a cameo appearance in the second sequel to "Anno Dracula", 
"Dracula Cha-Cha-Cha" (set in 1960s Italy).  This is what happens when you 
chatter to authors at cons. :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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