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Devra, aged 63. Retired children's librarian (Hi, Alison!) after 37 years in Brooklyn Public. Run a small, very specialized bookshop, where I sell historical cookbooks, costume books, historical murder mysteries, and select children's fantasy. (Visit me at http://www.poisonpenpress.com) I've always been an sf and fantasy reader, so when I was visiting England in 1975 I went to the Foyle's Children's bookstore, where I picked up, among others, Power of Three. WHAM. Still one of my favorites.

Living in Brooklyn with one cat (having lost the second to a mysterious infection in Jan) and two hysterical dauchunds. Actually, the dogs belong to my roommate Deborah, a mere child of 50. I just recently got a new van to replace The Whale, an ancient but sturdy and really capacious Buick Roadmaster Estatewagon, which I use to carry my books hither and yon to sf conventions and medieval recreation events. (Hi, Jadwiga!) 

Yes, my roommie and I have nearly the same names and initals. Confusing, yes. Also I tend to be confused with the 50 or so other Devras on the Web, and with Poisoned Pen Press, a mystery publisher in Arizona.  I, on the other hand, live on the East Coast, in Brooklyn NY.

In addition to the books others have mentioned, I love Dinah Dean (who writes quite good romances, but very hard to find and old -think ancient Mills and Boone), Sheila Bishop ditto, Susan Conant, Tanya Huff, Our Own Margaret Ball, Jennifer Crusie, and a cast of thousands. Not much of a tv watcher, although I was a rabid trekkie in The Olde Days. I've enjoyed the Harry Dresdenfiles, even though they are somewhat different from the books.

And my friend Mary must be a super chromat, since she is the only person I've ever heard of who can match fabric or thread colors without holding a sample in her hand... she just remembers it.


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