[DWJ] Re: Introductions

Maaria Rantala maaria.rantala at iki.fi
Wed Jun 20 08:36:15 EDT 2007

Hello list!

I am now nine digests behind in my list reading, mostly because of the
introductions, I think, so I'd better add mine. :)

I've been on the list almost from the beginning, I think. I'm a lurker 
that hardly ever says anything, but the introductions get me to write 
almost every year. And I read everything. I really love the discussion 
on this list, and I've learned so much from you wise people.

I'm 33 years old and married to a man who doesn't _love_ reading but 
reads willingly enough the books I love. We live in Espoo (just next to 
Helsinki), Finland. I'm a mathematician (M.Sc (Tech.)) and work for a 
company that develops and manufactures X-ray equipment. I'm also 
pursuing my Ph.D. studies somewhat on the side.

In addition to reading novels I sing in a choir (and solo too, but 
that's mostly in order to learn to sing better in the choir). I also 
knit quite a lot (Get Knitted seemed to be a wonderful shop) and sew 

My favourite DWJ books are (I think) Deep Secret, Hexwood and Charmed 
Life. The first I read was Charmed Life, followed by Fire and Hemlock 
and Archer's Goon, all in the 80s in Finnish. When I started reading 
novels in English I was so glad to find much more books by her.

Another writer whose books I really love no matter how many times I 
read them is Ursula K. Le Guin. Like so many others, I thank the list 
for introducing me to Connie Willis (I love her books, although Passage 
was a little too capturing for my mental health). Recently I've also 
enjoyed for a first time a couple of books by Lois McMaster Bujold 
(just got a message from the library that Paladin of Souls is waiting 
for me) and by Georgette Heyer (The Masqueraders is also waiting at the 

I'm off to a conference in Vancouver on Saturday and will definitely 
buy the Game from there! Although I'd rather prefer the U.K. edition, 
but I'm not sure I can wait any longer - although I'll visit London in 
August, yay! My choir will be the first Finnish mixed choir to have 
performed at the Proms festival. :)


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