[DWJ] colour sight (was Introductions)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Jun 20 05:38:03 EDT 2007

>Irina Rempt <irina at valdyas.org> wrote:>Random strange fact about me: I
>already knew I have excellent colour vision
>>and colour memory, but I recently found out that the cause is probably that
>>I'm a tetrachromat: I have extra colour receptors, so I can see more nuances
>>of (especially) green. So is my youngest daughter, which makes me wonder if
>>tetrachromacy and liking DWJ are related.

EGH wrote
>I have always known that one of my eyes sees more red and the other sees
>more green.  Because it isn't very pronounced, I tend to ignore it.
>Recently it occurred to me that I might be slightly colorblind in one eye,
>or have some other sort of condition, and that it might be interesting to
>investigate.  I've never heard of tetrachromacy, but I have excellent
>color memory and after reading your email I'm wondering if I might be a
>tetrachomat.  How did you discover it?  Does it have any ramifications,
>links to other conditions (is that the word I'm looking for?), or is it
>simply trivia?  It's interesting to think it could be linked to liking
>DWJ. :)  I'm off to Google and see what I can find out....

I was very excited when I discovered during the 1960s and during one of my
many bouts of stay-in-bed illness that my eyes saw slightly different
colours if I looked at a white sheet using first one and then the other.  I
felt Special and Different for a bit, but I was then told by some rotten
spoilsport that this is actually very common.  I'm not sure I wasn't even
told that it is so common it's  actually Normal.  It does seem to be part
of the standard testing they do in the opticians.


No colour-blindness in my family tree that I have ever heard mentioned, so
in my case it's not likely to be related to that.  I do dream mostly in
colour, but that wouldn't be anything to do with actual eyesight, I don't


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