[DWJ] Introductions

Jane Scarlett mail at janescarlett.com
Wed Jun 20 05:07:44 EDT 2007

I'm Jane, and I've been on the list for a few years although I very rarely
post (usually I'm days behind any discussion!) and haven't done an
introduction before.

I'm 45 and live near Wimbledon, London (home of the Wombles - not only can I
still remember them, but I can still play the tune on the recorder).  I work
in a Public Health Department in Kingston, London.  I have two children (boy
aged 10 and girl aged 8) and have been married for 12 years to a hotel IT
guru, who is away somewhere oop north right now being a guru.  

My first DWJ was The Ogre Downstairs as a child, then nothing until I was
about 30, when I picked up Deep Secret second hand and was hooked.  It's
still my favourite, along with Fire and Hemlock and Charmed Life (my first

Authors found or read because of this list: Neil Gaiman, Lois McMaster
Bujold, Clive Barker (horror gives me nightmares, but since no-one told me
that Neil Gaiman was a horror writer and didn't give me nightmares, I'm
slowly trying a few more), Robin McKinley, Jonathan Stroud, Garth Nix.

Other favorite authors: Philip Pullman, Ursula LeGuin, Umberto Eco, Perez
Reverte, Terry Pratchett, Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter (who never gets
mentioned in threads on fairy tale retellings - why not?) Robertson Davies,
George Eliot, Jane Austen, Jonathan Coe, Alasdair Gray, Charles Palliser,
Thomas Keneally, Mervyn Peake, Annie Proulx.  And many more.....

Other favorite things: David Lynch, the Clash, Flute music, horses, computer
games, time wasting, book buying.

We did have two cats, but they moved next door 9 3/4 years ago.  We have
vets bills, but very little else:-)

I keep resolving to be a better list member and contribute more, but some
how it never happens.  


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