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Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Wed Jun 20 03:51:54 EDT 2007

On Wednesday 20 June 2007, Elizabeth G. Holtrop wrote:

> I have always known that one of my eyes sees more red and the other sees
> more green.  Because it isn't very pronounced, I tend to ignore it. 
> Recently it occurred to me that I might be slightly colorblind in one eye,
> or have some other sort of condition, and that it might be interesting to
> investigate.  I've never heard of tetrachromacy, but I have excellent color
> memory and after reading your email I'm wondering if I might be a
> tetrachomat.  

You might well be. Is your father colour-blind? (Mine is, not very strongly 
but enough that he couldn't be a train-engine driver)

> How did you discover it?   

I read it on the Internet somewhere :-) Specifically, that daughters of 
colour-blind fathers tend to have it. I don't have any sons but I obviously 
passed on my father's X to at least one of my daughters and I hope *she* will 
have sons and we can see whether they are colour-blind, too.

> Does it have any ramifications, 
> links to other conditions (is that the word I'm looking for?), or is it
> simply trivia?  

As far as I'm concerned it's simply trivia, though the better colour 
vision/memory is a distinct advantage.

> It's interesting to think it could be linked to liking DWJ. 
> :)  I'm off to Google and see what I can find out....

The Wikipedia page is terse but clear. There's a lot of other stuff out there, 
some of it utter nonsense (that it's the vision of the 21st century, for 


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