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Ian W. Riddell iwriddell at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 23:31:17 EDT 2007

My turn

I'm Widdy (aka Ian). I'm 38 - almost 39, as I've mentioned. Partnered to a
brilliant and quirky Geography/Cartography professor. And living in Madison,
Wisconsin, USA. Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Then Toronto,
then Victoria, BC, then State College, Pennsylvania.

I'm currently an instructional designer for Penn State's World Campus, for
whom I work from my home. I am also Director of Music Ministry at a small
Unitarian Universalist congregation and Artistic Director of the local gay
men's chorus.

I've not been to grad school yet, but in the Fall of 2008 I hope to enter
the seminary for an M.Div. to become a minister. I'm profoundly excited
about this. Nothing has felt this right in a long time - nor scared me so
much :-)

My first DWJ was "Dogsbody" back when I was studying to be a school teacher
in 1995. I didn't read any others until I picked up the Chrestomanci books
when I was running a children's book department in Pennsylvania 8 years ago.
My favorite DWJs are "Homeward Bounders" and "Witch Week" (which makes me
odd on this list, I think). My first post to the list was in March of 2002
it seems (although I think the archive dates may be screwy).

Authors found or read because of this list: Connie Willis, Lois McMaster
Bujold, Steven Brust, Megan Whalen Turner, Rick Riordan, Martine Leavitt,
and Terry Pratchett.

Other favorite authors: Philip Pullman, Timothy Findley, Neil Gaiman, Guy
Gavriel Kay, Susanna Clarke -- and Ursula LeGuin is the goddess of my
reading universe.

Other favorite things: Firefly/Serenity, the choral music of Benjamin
Britten and William Byrd, Buffy, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Calvin and
Hobbes, Church History (a newly acquired love), Earl Grey Tea.

And you know that pet question we often ask in these introductions? Well,
now I can say "yes". We recently adopted a black and white cat from our
local humane society. His name is Tobermory, Toby for short. He's not
directly named after the town (either in Scotland or Ontario) or the Saki
short story. Any guesses?

So, that's me right now


He who the sword of heaven will bear
Should be as holy as severe
- Duke Vincentio "Measure for Measure"
Ian W. Riddell
Director of Music Ministry, James Reeb UU Congregation
Artistic Director, Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus
iwriddell at gmail.com / riddell at perfectharmonychorus.org

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