[DWJ] Introductions

Chris Dollin eh at electrichedgehog.net
Tue Jun 19 14:21:57 EDT 2007

I'm behind, so this will be brief.

53 (ye gods) bloke, Chris the electric hedgehog. DWJ fan since 
about 1978 when we did /Charmed Life/ as a Thing at Oxford.
Been picking the books up since. Live near Bristol, obviously
pulled there by mystic attraction. (By a complete coincidence,
my mother's a native and my father moved there when young,
although they live elsewhere now.) My evil twin works for A
Computer Company.

Fave DWJs: /Deep Secret/, /Fire and Hemlock/, /Hexwood/, 
/Archer's Goon/. Other fave authors: Bujold, McKillip, Brust,
McKinley, Schmitz. Genre TV: Babylon 5, Buffy, Angel, Farscape,
Firefly (hence, Serenity). Other interests: boardgames, 
programming, writing (ha).

Far-Fetched Hedgehog
Meaning precedes definition.

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