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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Tue Jun 19 00:12:13 EDT 2007

I'm Melissa Proffitt, long-time list denizen, 35 as of last January and
thrilled that the grey hairs are coming in silver.  I'm a full-time
stay-at-home mom and part time librarian at my second daughter's private
school, which is my private fief, hahahaha.  I homeschool two of my
children, and the last is in the local public elementary school, so we've
covered almost all the options.  My husband Jacob is still subscribed to the
list, but rarely reads it any more, unfortunately for those of you who used
to be amused by our online list conversations.  We live in the blasted
desert of Utah and dream of cooler climes.

I've been a reader since forever and majored in English so I could justify
my book habit.  Since 1995 I've refined my critical skills through various
online literary forums, mainly this one, as I prefer young adult fantasy
fiction to just about everything else.  Like the rest of you, I've found
this list to be a fabulous source for recommendations.  I blame Hallie for
my Sherwood Smith addiction.  Other authors I've read because of all of you
include Martha Wells, Lindsey Davis, Georgette Heyer, and possibly Megan
Whalen Turner.  Thank you all for giving me such good excuses to ignore

My first DWJ was either _The Spellcoats_ or _Power of Three_.  I picked both
of these up (and possibly _Cart and Cwidder_ as well) when I was 12 or 13.
They both left an impression on me, but I completely failed to look up other
books by DWJ.  I apparently wasn't real bright back then.  So despite having
read those books early on, I consider my real introduction to DWJ my
friend's recommendation of _Howl's Moving Castle_ when I was 17.  That was
when I finally realized that, hey, maybe she wrote other books!  And they're

(As to the Dalemark books, I had no idea any of them were related until I
finally discovered _Drowned Ammet_ when those Beech Tree editions came out.
_Spellcoats_ remains one of my favorites as well as my first encounter with
narrative conceit, but I like all of them, even _The Crown of Dalemark_,
which if nothing else ties the other three together.)

The story of why I am a Jeenyus and Allways Right:  I forget.  Really, I
don't remember exactly how this came about; it was a long time ago.  It was
during the course of a discussion where I had posted something unusually
insightful, and someone kindly pointed out that it was insightful.  Which is
where I responded that of course it was, because I am Always Right.  (The
extra L came later.)  Then people started picking that up and running with
it.  The full form of the title comes from Helen Cresswell's Bagthorpe
series; in one of the books young Daisy Parker is allowed to express her
creativity by writing on the walls of her house, and one of the things she
writes is "I am a Jeenyus and Allways Right."  This amused me greatly and I
took it as a personal motto.  So now you know.

You people need to stop posting prolifically just as I go off for the
weekend.  Like I have nothing better to do than sift through email on a
Monday night.

Okay, sure, I *don't* have anything better to do.  But you didn't know that,
did you?

I need something new to read.

Melissa Proffitt
(I always sign my full name, BTW, because there are about fifty billion
Melissas in my generation and I spent my childhood with the initial of my
surname permanently attached to my homework, nametags, award notices, etc.
Even now when I call someone in my neighborhood I have to make sure I'm not
mistaken for any of the other Melissas that might conceivably be calling.
I'm jealous of those of you who managed to choose a name and make it stick;
I've never been able to.)

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