[DWJ] Introductions

Kyra Jucovy klj at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Mon Jun 18 16:44:20 EDT 2007

I'm Kyra Jucovy (as already mentioned by Kyla).  I'm 25 and will
(barring confusing unrealistic events) continue to be 25 until October.
I'm currently back in Great Neck, NY, where I mostly grew up (although I
was born in NYC), but I actually spent most of the past year in New Haven,
CT, and will be departing in August for Hunan province in China for the
upcoming year.

In New Haven, I was getting an MA in English at Yale.  This was a return
to education in the sense that I'd been out of college for three years
before returning, but three years isn't really all that long a time, I
suppose.  I spent those three years working at ALM, a company that
published magazines and newspapers for lawyers.  Now, I want to be a
teacher, which is why I got the MA.  I enjoyed getting the MA much more
than I was expecting to, though, so I am now considering whether maybe I
want to get the PhD and become an academic after all.  I'm not sure.  In
the near future, anyway, I will be teaching English in China, which is

The first DWJ book I read was _Dogsbody_, which I believe my parents
bought me as a birthday present when I was eight.  I didn't actually love
it all that much, but then at some point later that year I took out _The
Lives of Christopher Chant_ from the library and was caught forever.  I
have gone through stages of my absolute favorite DWJ book, although I
generally love them all.  My original favorite was _Witch Week_.  Then,
when I was eleven, I discovered the DWJ books stored in the young adult
section of the library, and my favorite became _Archer's Goon_ by the time
I was twelve.  When I was twenty I decided that _Fire and Hemlock_ was my
favorite, and on my most recent reread, a couple of years ago, _The
Homeward Bounders_ was my favorite.  My least favorites tend to be the
shorter stuff, although there are a couple of exceptions ("The Girl Who
Loved the Sun" involves some of my favorite themes.  And, to cross the
threads, I ADORE _The True State of Affairs_.).

I discovered the website very early on in the days of the WWW (I remember
going to the science museum in Toronto and being very excited when I tried
to load the website at how _quickly_ it loaded).  Once the list started
being archived on the website, I used to read it that way.  After I told
Kyla about it and she joined in 2000, I decided I probably ought to join
too, and did so.  I tend to be kind of overwhelmed by book
recommendations, and I am so obsessed with the Internet that I read
many fewer books than I'd like, so the list has not influenced my reading
choices as much as it has many people (much to my regret!).  But I do feel
that the enjoyment I've gathered through reading the discussions here, and
occasionally participating in them, has been a major influence in getting
me to major in English, think about becoming a teacher, and eventually
go back to school and get that MA.  So yay list!


Mokuren: "Heaping love and devotion upon someone might become a burden
that can't be reciprocated.  Will _doesn't_ make a way.  Effort _isn't_
always rewarded.  Not in love."
				---Saki Hiwatari, _Please Save My Earth_

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