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Irina replied to me...

>> Irina said...
>> > Other favourite authors: Dorothy Sayers, Connie Willis, early Terry
>> > Pratchett
>> > (later books are mostly too atheist-preachy for me)
>> Could you expand on that a bit?  I think I know what you mean by
>> "atheist-preachy", but I can't recall seeing that in Pratchett's work.
>> What am I missing?
> I must have pushed it all the way out of my brain because I can't find an
> actual instance (short of rereading books I didn't like much, and there's 
> so
> much to reread that I *do* like that I don't want to do that). What I can
> recall starts in Small Gods, though SG itself is okay: a firm conviction 
> that
> gods are mental constructs, imagination come alive. This in itself isn't
> annoying, but when he makes it into tenet and goes into preacher mode 
> based
> on it, I can't stand it.

Well, "Small Gods" isn't one of my favourites of his, and I haven't read it 
in yonks, but IIRC, the Discworld theory of gods is not so much that they're 
"imagination come alive" as that they exist, but they basically feed on 
belief - if they're not believed in, they can die.  And the more people who 
believe in them, the more powerful they are (or can be).

I can see how someone might not like this theory, but I can't recall any 
preachiness about it.  Maybe I missed it.  Anyway, I'm not going to demand 
that you re-read books you don't want to, just to pander to my curiosity. 

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