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Widdy said...

> I'm not sure about the readjustment . . . but the only big events I can
> find* on my birthday (September 12) are the wedding of John F. Kennedy and
> Jacqueline Bouvier and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (in Quebec).

I have the dubious distinction of being born on the day of the Battle of the 
Bogside (not the anniversary, the actual day).  August 12th is also the 
anniversary of several other battles (including Marathon), the founding of 
Chicago, and Isaac Singer patenting his sewing machine.

I share my birthday with (among others) King George IV of England (better 
known as the Prince Regent) and Erwin Schroedinger (of cat fame).

And people who died on my birthday include Cleopatra and William Blake.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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