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Mon Jun 18 12:08:23 EDT 2007

widdy wrote:

>I'm not sure about the readjustment . . . but the only big events I can
>find* on my birthday (September 12) are the wedding of John F. Kennedy and
>Jacqueline Bouvier and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (in Quebec).
>I share a birthday with Jesse Ownes and H.L. Mencken, though, so I can't be
>all bad.
>Of course Grace Kelly, Anthony Perkins, Raymond Burr, Jeremy Brett, and
>Johnny Cash all died on my birthday . ..

As (if one ignores the Give Us Back Our Eleven Days furore) presumably did
saints Ailbe, Guy of Anderlecht and Eanswida -- if I am right about saints'
days commemorating their death rather than their birth, which in many cases
probably wouldn't have been recorded like wot the Duke of Wellington's

I drew Petroc, Maternus of Cologne and Notburga, one of whom I'm not sure I
believe in, like Eggfroth, Eggbeard, Eggdeath etc.


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