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I'm not sure about the readjustment . . . but the only big events I can
find* on my birthday (September 12) are the wedding of John F. Kennedy and
Jacqueline Bouvier and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (in Quebec).

I share a birthday with Jesse Ownes and H.L. Mencken, though, so I can't be
all bad.

Of course Grace Kelly, Anthony Perkins, Raymond Burr, Jeremy Brett, and
Johnny Cash all died on my birthday . ..


*Actually, lots happened (!!!!

On 6/18/07, Minnow <minnow at> wrote:
> >On 6/16/07, Minnow <minnow at> wrote:
> >>
> >> I am now counting on my fingers to try to work out how old I am, and I
> >> *think* it's 52, but it might be 53.  Life would be easier if I had
> been
> >> born on 1st January, but my parents failed to take my future
> arithmetical
> >> incapacity into account and I arrived in September.
> >But September is a blessed and honorable month in which to be born!
> Everyone
> >knows that!
> >
> >widdy
> >(heading for 39 on September 12)
> >
> I have a feeling that owing to the readjustment of the calendar in
> 17-whenever-it-was, my present birthday's date is the day Oliver Cromwell
> died.  I'd say September is a better month for being born than for dying,
> at least so far.
> Minnow
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