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Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Mon Jun 18 11:23:05 EDT 2007

On Monday 18 June 2007, Farah Mendlesohn wrote:
> Hi Irina
> you might like Pratchett's Thud. He seems to be constructing Dwarf religion
> ("it's not a religion, it's just Being A Dwarf") around Orthodox Judaism.
> My favourite quote from the book was "Tak ask not that we think of him,
> just that we think."

We have it but I've never wanted to read it; perhaps I will when I've finished 
A Tale of Time City and the Dalemark books! (And the bookcase; put basecoat 
on about a third of it today, then my daughter came and we installed some 
electricity-- not in the bookcase, but in the bedroom)


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