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Jenny Schwartzberg schwartzbergj at newberry.org
Mon Jun 18 11:14:29 EDT 2007

I'd be delighted to do so.  I see MLA's convention is 27-30 December 
2007 and the convention hotels are only about 7 blocks from the 
Newberry.  We will have to do some plotting as people's schedules become 
clearer.  I don't see a time schedule up yet at the MLA's website but 
here's a notice to any of you who are coming to Chicago for the MLA that 
we are planning a meet up and perhaps a children's literature show and 
tell if there's any time during people's days....


Farah Mendlesohn wrote:
> Hi Jenny
> how about organising a meet up for MLA this year? I'm *sure* we'd all 
> love
> to meet you in the Newberry and it would be cool to have a bunch of us
> together.
> It will be only my second MLA so I'm a mite terrified and meeting 
> friendly
> faces would be lovely,
> Farah
> On 18/06/07, Jenny Schwartzberg <schwartzbergj at newberry.org> wrote:
>> Well, I guess I better introduce myself.  My name is Jenny Schwartzberg
>> and I've been lurking with a post or two for the last couple of 
>> months.  I'm
>> 42, a rare book librarian at the Newberry Library in Chicago.  I've been
>> reading DWJ since my early teens.  I think the first one might have been
>> Charmed Life or Magicians of Caprona.  I recently introduced my 
>> nephew and
>> niece to DWJ when they visited me and together we have gotten my 
>> mother to
>> start reading her <g>.  If someone could pass on to DWJ my deep 
>> gratitude,
>> because when my 12-year-old nephew Galen read Aunt Maria (aka Black 
>> Maria)
>> he laughed so hard!  He is so sober and serious (long story) and to 
>> hear him
>> really laughing was so special.  He read the whole book through and 
>> started
>> rereading it again.  Thank you a million DWJ!!  They have both reported
>> going to the library and devouring every DWJ book they can find.
>> If anyone is in Chicago or comes through Chicago, come to the 
>> Newberry and
>> say hello.  If you give me enough notice, I'll give a personal tour 
>> of the
>> Library which is one of the world's great rare book libraries and 
>> talk your
>> ear off about DWJ and about the history of children's books (the 
>> library has
>> over 10,000 children's books among other collections, though not DWJ).
>> Cheerfully yours,
>> Jenny Schwartzberg
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