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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 07:47:21 EDT 2007

I'm Hallie, 48 and writing this from Bristol, though that's home for about a
long-weekend-a-month for the moment, the permanent one being in Dublin. I've
been on the list since 1999, and aside from the introductions to other
wonderful books, can credit it with what seems to be the theme of this round
of introductions: a return for a second blast of student life.  I did a BA
with the Open University starting in 2000, and am now doing an MA in
Children's Lit with Roehampton.  And continuing the theme of my own
list-life-enhancement, I also got a distance relationship from the list, to
match the distance learning.  (That'd be the just-introduced himself

Back in Dublin I have two daughters - Becca (an ex-listee herself) is 20 and
Cara who's 17.  I only discovered DWJ about 10 years ago, while browsing the
library for books to read with the girls.  I thought 'The Lives of
Christopher Chant' sounded an intriguing title and decided to give it a
try.  And that was that.  I had passed up Fire and Hemlock earlier as the
back cover description of Polly's 'gate-crashing a funeral' didn't sound all
that enticing, but it's now one of my very favourites.

Other books I generally talk about on my LJ these days, those being
primarily kids'/teen books.  For the next month or so I expect to be fairly
firmly stuck in the 19th century, in domestic/family/'girls' stories' mode,
until I finish the essay for this module. Don't long and rambling 'thoughts'
about those sound as if they'll make thrilling blog-reading?


On 6/18/07, Charles Butler <charles.hannibal at gmail.com> wrote:

> A bit late to the party, as I've been away for the weekend - albeit with
> another lister (Hallie) with whom I ate a delicious meal at the house of
> yet
> another lister (Farah). So the time has been far from DWJ-free, honest.
> Anyway, I'm Charlie, aged 44, and though I've lived here and there in
> England (Hampshire, Surrey, York, Cambridge) I've been in Bristol for the
> last 17 years. And it was here, while in a classroom at work waiting for
> some students to turn up (they never did) that I found my first DWJ - 10
> dusty copies of *Charmed Life*. I only read one of them (I was not yet a
> fanatic) but I'm sure the others were just as good, and in any case I
> liked
> it enough to be well and truly hooked...
> I've decided I can no longer have a favourite DWJ, as I like different
> books
> for such different qualities. So here are the my Best of Breed
> winners: *Drowned
> Ammet*, *Fire and Hemlock*, *Archer's Goon* and *The Merlin Conspiracy*.
> But
> now I'll stop, before I go back and start fiddling with the list...
> Charlie

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