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Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 18 06:50:50 EDT 2007

I'm 31, an academic librarian, work in sunny Yorkshire (sarcasm- many of the 
floods have gone down but there may be more this week), still miss London 
but was delighted to finally be able to afford enough space for my books. I 
mostly lurk on the list these days.
I've been reading DWJ since childhood. Like most of you, my favourite 
depends on what day it is, but Spellcoats, Deep Secret, Macigians of Caprona 
and Howl are often close to the top of the pile. I read a lot of sf/f, 
mysteries, history, and whatever I can get my hands on, and watch a lot of 
comedy and SF (I'm simultaneously desperate to know how this season of 
Doctor Who turns out and wishing it wouldn't end. That was a proper 
old-fashioned cliffhanger on Saturday!)

http://shark-hat.livejournal.com/314.html#cutid1 is a post in my LJ about 
favourites of various things; a few authors I like who I don't think other 
people have already mentioned are Robin McKinley, Martha Wells, Sherwood 
Smith, Margaret Mahy and Melissa Scott; I'm sure the list introduced me to a 
couple of them.

[But] since an infinite number of monkeys and typewriters must have an 
infinite mass, the experimental setup would instantly collapse into a very 
hairy, ill-mannered black hole covered in metal and ink.
Nyra on afp

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