[DWJ] Introductions

Charles Butler charles.hannibal at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 06:23:54 EDT 2007

A bit late to the party, as I've been away for the weekend - albeit with
another lister (Hallie) with whom I ate a delicious meal at the house of yet
another lister (Farah). So the time has been far from DWJ-free, honest.
Anyway, I'm Charlie, aged 44, and though I've lived here and there in
England (Hampshire, Surrey, York, Cambridge) I've been in Bristol for the
last 17 years. And it was here, while in a classroom at work waiting for
some students to turn up (they never did) that I found my first DWJ - 10
dusty copies of *Charmed Life*. I only read one of them (I was not yet a
fanatic) but I'm sure the others were just as good, and in any case I liked
it enough to be well and truly hooked...

I've decided I can no longer have a favourite DWJ, as I like different books
for such different qualities. So here are the my Best of Breed
winners: *Drowned
Ammet*, *Fire and Hemlock*, *Archer's Goon* and *The Merlin Conspiracy*. But
now I'll stop, before I go back and start fiddling with the list...


Website: www.charlesbutler.co.uk

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