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Hi Irina

you might like Pratchett's Thud. He seems to be constructing Dwarf religion
("it's not a religion, it's just Being A Dwarf") around Orthodox Judaism. My
favourite quote from the book was "Tak ask not that we think of him, just
that we think."


On 17/06/07, Irina Rempt <irina at valdyas.org> wrote:
> I'm Irina --like many other members, a chosen name-- and I'll be 50 in
> just
> over eight months. My daughters are young, though: 13 and two instances of
> almost 12, all in grammar school. Only the youngest and I (and,
> occasionally,
> my husband) are DWJ readers. My first was either The Spellcoats and/or
> Cart
> and Cwidder in the atrocious Dutch translation, or Eight Days of Luke in
> an
> indifferent Dutch translation from the school library, when I was in my
> early
> teens.
> I'm a passionate Orthodox choir singer, an amateur web designer (striving
> to
> do it for money in the nearish future), quite a good cook and baker, and a
> damn good secretary (currently unemployed, just sent off an unsolicited
> application to a notary's office). We're about to move to a large house in
> the centre of the town where we already live; it was built, in stages,
> around
> 1300, in 1581, in the late nineteenth century and in 2007 (we converted
> the
> huge bare attic to three rooms and a bathroom).
> I've been developing an imaginary world (with Valdyas and other countries)
> since 1991 and writing stories and novels set in it, but I'm currently
> stalled writing because of a surfeit of Real Life. I run roleplaying
> campaigns in that world too, but my husband is taking over the current
> campaign to stave off my impending GM burnout. I'll start playing one of
> my
> favourite NPCs, King Athal, next Tuesday.
> Random strange fact about me: I already knew I have excellent colour
> vision
> and colour memory, but I recently found out that the cause is probably
> that
> I'm a tetrachromat: I have extra colour receptors, so I can see more
> nuances
> of (especially) green. So is my youngest daughter, which makes me wonder
> if
> tetrachromacy and liking DWJ are related.
> Favourite DWJ: hmm, that's hard, probably Fire and Hemlock. Least
> favourite:
> either Dogsbody (don't like dogs much) or Wilkins' Tooth.
> Other favourite authors: Dorothy Sayers, Connie Willis, early Terry
> Pratchett
> (later books are mostly too atheist-preachy for me), Diane Duane. Contrary
> to
> the consensus on the list, I've tried Bujold (and tried, and tried, and
> felt
> I had to try harder) but couldn't get to like any of it (except possibly
> _The
> Spirit Ring_ though even that is too icky for me in places) and *detested*
> Miles.
> Another random strange fact: I had an English great-grandmother and if I
> go
> back three more generations I can't say more than "Western European",
> which
> according to Lord Peter Wimsey makes me technically English. I don't mind
> at
> all.
>    Irina
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