[DWJ] Returning to school

Jenny Schwartzberg schwartzbergj at newberry.org
Mon Jun 18 00:31:07 EDT 2007

On the returning to school theme, I graduated from college in 1988 with a BA in medieval history and started Library School in 2005 and will have my MLIS in August of this year, and am continuing in school for a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Study), which is between a MLIS and a PhD.  Just too many classes I want and need to take.  I put off going to graduate school so long because I kind of burned out after college and felt I knew a lot about libraries, having worked at the Newberry since 1989.  Hah!  I'm learning how much I did not know and how much I still need to learn.  And I'm having a ball doing it.  It's so much fun and I'm taking lots of great classes including children's literature classes....

Jenny Schwartzberg

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