[DWJ] Introductions

Caroline Mills carrie at pitofdespair.org
Sun Jun 17 22:40:38 EDT 2007

Hello all!

I'm Caroline and I've been lurking on this list for about 4 years now.  
I'm 27, grew up in Bristol (UK) and am now living with my boyfriend in 
New York and working as a structural engineer.  

My first DWJ was Dogsbody, borrowed from the library when I was about 8.  
I had fond memories of it, but didn't remember the author, or realize 
that it was written by the same person as The Ogre Downstairs, which I 
also came across while young.  I rediscovered DWJ when I stumbled across 
this list while looking for something completely different, and saw some 
references to Dogsbody.  My favourite DWJ is Deep Secret, and Archer's 
Goon is the one that is currently calling me for a re-read.

Discovering this list came around the same time that a university friend 
was introducing me to Lois McMaster Bujold, Carol Berg, Sharon Lee and 
Steve Miller and others.  Through a combination of your influences, 
fantasy is now the first bookshelf I turn to in the library/bookstore.  
I've discovered many authors through this list - Garth Nix, Sherwood 
Smith and Megan Whalen Turner are the first that come to mind.

I haven't read many new books lately, mostly  because I don't have much 
time, and I find it much easier to put re-reads down (I have little 
self-control and can easily read late into the night or through time 
when I need to be doing something else). I find it difficult to pick 
favourite authors, but some of those I've re-read recently are 
Mary Stewart, Elizabeth Peters, Georgette Heyer, Orson Scott Card, Megan 
Whalen Turner and Garth Nix.  I'm also enjoying the unfolding of Lee & 
Miller's storyteller's bowl novel, Fledgling.

My boyfriend is a reader, but not so much as me and not the same books - 
mostly hard SF, literary and non-fiction.  I've tried recommending 
things to him, but although we both know we would probably enjoy the 
books the other is reading, they're never going to be a priority, and 
there simply isn't enough time!  

My non-book related interests include speech radio (esp. the Now Show, 
Sunday Format, Mitch Benn & Dr Who), choral singing, beer drinking 
(boyfriend is a home-brewer) and Scottish Country Dancing.
After such a long post, I shall probably dive back into lurkdom.  I 
think I lurk mostly because I prefer to be an observer - I'm like that 
in real life conversations too.  Also, I've never had any critical 
analysis training and I tend to read at a fairly superficial 
level, so I don't usually have much to say about a book beyond I 
liked/didn't like it.  But I really enjoy the discussions on this list, 
which introduce me to lots of new ideas and ways of thinking about 
things :-).  And of course, lack of time is an ever present problem... 

Have a good week everybody.


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