[DWJ] Introductions

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Jun 17 19:37:27 EDT 2007

>>Celestia arrived <sproing>
>> >Hello, I'm only just 17 (having had my birthday on a statistics AS exam
>> >*shudders*) and am at the moment worrying about university. Problem is, I
>> >don't want to give up either maths or english, but I fear that I may have
>> >do so.

and Minnow recommended:

>>Stick to your guns.  My daughter is taking a Maths A-level paper tomorrow;
>>the main English A-level papers she took were last monday.  They tried to
>>tell her "you can't do that there here" after AS, and she told them she'd
>>go somewhere she *could* in that case.
>> >Perhaps maths with lots of reading around the edges?
>>She has set her sights on Philosophy.  She did this because she feels that
>>maths has to be a consuming passion or there's no point, and in her case it
>>isn't, but you might feel otherwise.
>That's really interesting, because I was considering Philosophy as part of a
>joint degree. I really do like Maths, and I'm going to try and do a whole
>Further Maths A-Level next year. That may turn out to be a very bad idea...

There are quite a few universities that do Philosophy as a joint honours,
and a strange lack of Philosophy as a single honours course...

Now, some of the Oxford colleges do Maths with Philosophy and Physics with
Philosophy... <grin>

>> >Anyway, my favourite DWJ book is Deep Secret, but there are lots of close
>> >seconds. I have booktrack at my local library to thank for introducing me
>> >her, as she was one of the required authors to get a ruler with a picture
>> >an aeroplane on it. (I think I still have it somewhere...)
>>May I tell her that?
>Of course you can :)

So I did, and she says it is obviously something she ought to boast about:
"*I* got someone a ruler with a picture of an *aeroplane* on it!"

>> >I live in Devon, South-West England, and I know that I'll miss it when I
>> >move away...
>>Devon's a big place, m'dear; whereabouts?
>>Minnow (just don't say "Ipplepen")
>Nope, Torquay. Or Shiphay, to be more specific.

Phew!  My head might have exploded.  I asked because I infested Totnes for
a while, and I wondered if you were North or South.  Pure curiosity and no
particular need-to-know, though.


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