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Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Sun Jun 17 17:12:36 EDT 2007

I'm Irina --like many other members, a chosen name-- and I'll be 50 in just 
over eight months. My daughters are young, though: 13 and two instances of 
almost 12, all in grammar school. Only the youngest and I (and, occasionally, 
my husband) are DWJ readers. My first was either The Spellcoats and/or Cart 
and Cwidder in the atrocious Dutch translation, or Eight Days of Luke in an 
indifferent Dutch translation from the school library, when I was in my early 

I'm a passionate Orthodox choir singer, an amateur web designer (striving to 
do it for money in the nearish future), quite a good cook and baker, and a 
damn good secretary (currently unemployed, just sent off an unsolicited 
application to a notary's office). We're about to move to a large house in 
the centre of the town where we already live; it was built, in stages, around 
1300, in 1581, in the late nineteenth century and in 2007 (we converted the 
huge bare attic to three rooms and a bathroom). 

I've been developing an imaginary world (with Valdyas and other countries) 
since 1991 and writing stories and novels set in it, but I'm currently 
stalled writing because of a surfeit of Real Life. I run roleplaying 
campaigns in that world too, but my husband is taking over the current 
campaign to stave off my impending GM burnout. I'll start playing one of my 
favourite NPCs, King Athal, next Tuesday.

Random strange fact about me: I already knew I have excellent colour vision 
and colour memory, but I recently found out that the cause is probably that 
I'm a tetrachromat: I have extra colour receptors, so I can see more nuances 
of (especially) green. So is my youngest daughter, which makes me wonder if 
tetrachromacy and liking DWJ are related.

Favourite DWJ: hmm, that's hard, probably Fire and Hemlock. Least favourite: 
either Dogsbody (don't like dogs much) or Wilkins' Tooth.

Other favourite authors: Dorothy Sayers, Connie Willis, early Terry Pratchett 
(later books are mostly too atheist-preachy for me), Diane Duane. Contrary to 
the consensus on the list, I've tried Bujold (and tried, and tried, and felt 
I had to try harder) but couldn't get to like any of it (except possibly _The 
Spirit Ring_ though even that is too icky for me in places) and *detested* 

Another random strange fact: I had an English great-grandmother and if I go 
back three more generations I can't say more than "Western European", which 
according to Lord Peter Wimsey makes me technically English. I don't mind at 


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