[DWJ] Introductions

Elizabeth Parks henx19 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 13:11:23 EDT 2007

My name's Lizzie, I'm 26, I've been on and off this list since I
started college. . . . eight years ago now!  Most I'm off lately--I
live in Virginia, I've just finished my masters (masters thesis=main
reason I lurk lately).  I have a girlfriend of a year and a half, and
a dog of about a year, have known this list longer than I've known
either, but feel better about this relationship than I did about my
last one, because she reads and loves Diana Wynne Jones.  We don't
always rank the books in the same order, but as I once dated a boy who
spent 3 years reading a single book (!!!!! by Clive Barker. . . his
defense was that it was long and he was busy), I vastly enjoy that we
both are readers.

My first DWJ was -Charmed Life-, when I was about 12 and nothing else
was in print, seemingly; a lot of my family vacation memories involve
scouring used bookstores for DWJ books, a pastime that the internet
has rather ruined :(  As a result, I have multiple copies of most of
her books, as I tended to buy them on sight; and then when everything
was republished I was in Scotland and met DWJ at a reading, so I have
quite a few of those autographed.  I also have several DWJ books in
Italian (which I can't read), French (which I can kind of read, and
have read), and Japanese (which I can speak a bit of but not read, and
therefore whenever I try it takes so long I never read more than a

I discovered Connie Willis through the list--have given or lent all
her books to everyone from my father to my ex-boyfriend--and think
she's amazing.  I also discovered Georgette Heyer, though I only
finally started reading her books a couple months ago and am having
some trouble finding them easily (see above: just graduated from being
a poor masters student, and am now jobsearching).  This list is one of
the first places I look when I have nothing to read, and is also I
think just about the nicest internet community I've ever stumbled
across.  Even when people argue they do so in a much nicer way than in
other fandoms, and I love that I can find out a lot about DWJ and
related, and not-so-related, topics.


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