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Sun Jun 17 11:44:05 EDT 2007

On Sun, 17 Jun 2007, Minnow wrote:

> I will admit to finding The Spellcoat less enjoyable than the other books
> in the series, mostly because it confuzzles me.  I find it hard to work out
> who is a god when, or perhaps at what points who is being a god, but then I
> suspect that's part of the point because they mostly don't seem to know
> either...

See, this is why I LOVE Spellcoats.  But then, I'm the girl whose
friends occasionally call her "Pomo" -- short for "postmodern".
(At Pride last weekend, the people I was with and I were admiring
buttons for sale in one of the booths, and I started arguing with
the buttons for their gender essentialism.  Finally I said "I'm
too pomo for a button" and we all agreed that we needed a button
to say that.

But anyway, the awesome reality-fluidity of Spellcoats is one of
the reasons I find it so wonderful.  It did prompt me to sit down
with a sheet of notebook paper and make a (large image file,
spoileriffic for all four books) family tree for the characters

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You gotta go if someone shows you how to go
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