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Rowena wrote:

>This is interesting Minnow-I wonder which 3 chapters of Crown these

The first three.  And she knew where it went from there, but she just
couldn't *do* it, so she left it to simmer and did other things in the

>Slight spoiler if you haven't read the Dalemark books
>What I really want to know is why were the cuts made to later editions
>of Cart & Cwidder? Was this because DWJ wanted to put more emphasis on
>Kankredin and so some of the details about the Kingstone and the history
>of the North-South conflict had to go?

None of the published versions is the original text as DWJ wrote it, so
they were not really cuts, is one way of answering that.

Marnie Hodgkin at MacMillan was the first cause of change.  She edited the
hardback first edition, and it is different from both the later paperbacks.
She insisted "I want some history here", so DWJ put it in, sighing mildly
but doing as she was told 'cos she was a new author and had very little

Then it went to Penguin for the paperback, and Kaye Webb said "I want MORE
history here!" so DWJ dutifully added more, muttering about tyrannical
editors and "who says there are no Dark Ladies?"

So when it went to Mandarin, and neither Marnie Hodgkin nor Kaye Webb was
in a position any more to dictate to DWJ what she was to write, she quietly
put it back to how she had wanted it to begin with, or as near as she could
remember when the original manuscript was no longer available.  She thinks
it's pretty close to what she first wrote, anyhow.

When it was a stand-alone book she didn't mind too much, she says, but once
it became part of a group of books set in the same world and that world one
she came to know well, it no longer quite fitted what she knew about the
world so she snatched her chance to re-alter the alterations she'd been
pushed into making.

Please make a note of this somewhere!  I always forget the details and
names in this sequence, and when I ask DWJ she sighs and explains *again*.

>I posted the text of the cuts some while ago
>I think it's a shame that these cuts were made as I don't think they
>distract from the Kankredin driven nature of Crown. Plus my original
>Puffin copy is falling apart but I prefer to read this than the

You can now think of it as being not "cuts to the original" in the shorter
version, but "additions to the original" in the longer versions.  This
means that you got a bonus, rather than the later readers being cheated.

>I do love the first 3 books especially, and always liked the fact that
>there were links between them without them being a specific trio. Part
>of DWJ's own magic at work.

Well, yes.  The "Chrestomanci Series" isn't really a series either, except
that Chrestomanci appears more or less prominiently in several
otherwise-unrelated books.  And the "Howl Series" isn't.


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