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Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Jun 17 08:33:30 EDT 2007

>> > Farah suggested:
>> > >You might want  to read Spellcoats before Drowned Ammet or you will lose
>> > >a lot of the nuance.

and I remarked
>> > Which is interesting, because the publication order was Cart and Cwidder,
>> > 1975, Drowned Ammet, 1977, and The Spellcoats, 1979, so DWJ herself read
>> > them in an order that must have lost a lot of the nuance.

Farah came back
>> That may be the order, but Drowned Ammet had me completely confused before
>> I read Spellcoats,

and Irina wrote:

>I didn't read Drowned Ammet [until] after I'd read everything else, even
>The Crown of
>Dalemark, and it *still* had me completely confused.

Whereas I found Drowned Ammet comparatively straightforward, if one allows
for the deus ex machina aspects.

In fact, blowed if I can see what in it is confusing!  By comparison with
The Spellcoats, it seems quite a clear narrative to me.

>To heap confusion on confusion, I first read The Spellcoats in what I still
>call "the atrocious Dutch translation" in which the translator had apparently
>left out everything that confused *her*, such as most of the religion.

Alack, and what is left?


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