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Tarja Rainio tarja.rainio at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 20:14:44 EDT 2007

I've on the list since the beginning, but I've always been one of the
more silent/lurking ones. For some reason I'm much more active and
talkative on my Livejournal and always have been ever since I started

My favourite DWJ is Hexwood, though I love all the Chrestomanci books,
since Charmed Life was the first DWJ book I read in Finnish
translation when I was about 12 years old. I've been a DWJ fan ever

I'm currently 37 years old and live in Helsinki, Finland. I will turn
38 in December, and am a lifelong sf/fantasy fan and have been active
in local fandom for several years (not so much lately). I do
occasional reviews about YA/children's books/manuscripts for a local
publisher and have discovered quite a few new authors that way.

My current recommendation for everyone to read (it's being or has been
published any day now) is Melissa Marr's _Wicked Lovely_. I read the
first the first version manuscript over a year ago, so I'm a bit fuzzy
about the details, but even then it hooked me completely. The book is
an urban fantasy with a fairy tale flavour.


On 16/06/07, Susanna Victoria <dragonflygreen11 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm fairly new here (about 1 year of only lurking and a few months of
> interspersed lurking and posting), and have never properly introduced myself
> before.  I am 27 years old, single, and have been living in Washington, DC
> for the past 2 years, where I work in environmental policy (climate change
> and energy issues).  I grew up in New York City, though, and would like to
> move back there if I could afford it.  I was introduced to DWJ by my friend
> Margot in the 5th grade, and quickly became a much bigger fan than she was.
> My favorite DWJ books are Fire & Hemlock, Deep Secret, Howl's Moving Castle,
> and Hexwood.  My brain still doesn't completely understand the ending to
> F&H, but I've been getting better at it; my heart always understood it.
> Other authors I love are Ursula K. LeGuin, Susan Cooper, Robin McKinley,
> L.M. Montgomery, and Neil Gaiman.  I've recently started reading some
> Georgette Heyer on the advice of this list, and have been enjoying them very
> much.
> I like that this list is chock full of really smart, nice, funny people, and
> I'm pleased at the number of grammatical sticklers.
> Oh, and about my double-barreled name: chosen name is Susanna, given name is
> Victoria.  I like Susanna better.
> Susanna V.
> P.S. Otter Perry wrote:
> >I reread Cart and Cwidder the least, I think, although I'm not sure
> >why.
> I reread Cart & Cwidder the least of the Dalemark books, too.  I never
> thought much about why before, but I think it's partly because it's a much
> more straightforward story than the others.  The mythology is less important
> in it, and part of what I find so wonderful about the Dalemark books is the
> weaving of history, religion, and myth, and the interaction with the gods.
> Also, for some reason I don't find the family dynamics in C*C very
> compelling.
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