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Sat Jun 16 19:47:58 EDT 2007

>  I had written:
> >But I do.  Just re-read it, in fact.  Just re-read
> all
> >of the Dalemarks, in fact.  And though they form a
> >complete story I WANT MORE.  MORE.
> >
> >(Minnow, care to drop a hint?)

> Then Minnow:

> I'd love to, but it's one of the 'if it'll happen
> it'll happen' cases, I
> think.  Last time it took ten years, and that was
> when she had three
> chapters already in place.  It's been what, twelve
> or so this time, so...
> There is one thoroughly unresolved short story-ish
> set in that world
> more-or-less, but I don't think it *wants* to go
> anywhere more.
> I do want that prisoner given something more of a
> story, but the point is
> that she isn't, so I don't think it would work.
> Minnow

Thanks for your answer, Minnow.  (Sniff.)

Well, if DWJ ever drops any one-liners about any of
the characters -- do please share them with us....

Especially about Robin, or say, Tanaqui's husband, or
Biffa or  (gets a grip and shuts up).


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