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Sat Jun 16 18:50:04 EDT 2007

Otter wrote:
> > 
> > I reread Cart and Cwidder the least, I think,
> although I'm not sure
> > why.

Then Elizabeth:
> > 
> Strange - I feel rather like that. I think it's
> because I find so much of it
> really sad, and when I'm looking for something to
> read I remember that and
> go elsewhere.
> EB
> Elizabeth Bentley


Well, you start out with a family travelling along
together and get to know them and think you're on a
quest or travelling story and then the father is
MURDERED and then you find out the mother NEVER LOVED
HIM and then you think for long periods that the big
brother is HANGED and yeah, it took me a long long
time  to appreciate this book.  

But I do.  Just re-read it, in fact.  Just re-read all
of the Dalemarks, in fact.  And though they form a
complete story I WANT MORE.  MORE. 

(Minnow, care to drop a hint?)

(funny, did no alcohol this weekend, but you'd never
know that from this email)

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