[DWJ] Introductions

Colin Fine colin at kindness.demon.co.uk
Sat Jun 16 12:35:35 EDT 2007

I don't think I've ever introduced myself to the list.

I'm 51, and live on top of a hill overlooking Airedale, near Bradford in 
West Yorkshire. I've spent most of my working life in Software, but in 
1990 I very suddenly decided to give up my job and look for something 
else to do. This turned out to  be an MA in Peace Studies at the 
University of Bradford - which is why I'm in Yorkshire (and also was 
where I first met Farah). I've since gone back to software.
I've been reading SF since I was a child (my mother had a fine SF 
collection) but didn't read much Fantasy, and didn't meet DWJ, until I 
was at Cambridge, and encountered Jomsborg the New, the Cambridge 
University Fantasy Society, which introduced me to many of my now 
favourite writers.
I read very little fiction now, and I find I'm in no hurry to read the 
latest Pratchett, though I get around to it in the end (unlike Harry 
Potter, which I haven't bothered with since no 4, as we were saying the 
other week.) But when there's a new DWJ I drop everything for it.
I spend most of my time doing theatre and music - acting, singing, 
lighting, accompanying, stage managing, sometimes music directing, 
occasionally even directing.

I did not read The Spellcoats until after C&C and DA. I think the 
Spellcoats is a superbly crafted book (or 'woven' perhaps would be 
better), but I don't find it such an enjoyable read as DA or The Crown 
of Dalemark.


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